Your Vision

A custom work of art is a collaborative process that starts with you. For the questions below, feel free to describe, include links, share a Pinterest board, or photos! Don’t worry if you don’t have answers for each of these or if you can’t fully visualize it yet – thinking and talking through these will make a great starting point. And remember, this is a conversation, not a commitment. We'll only move forward if you're comfortable.

3-Step Process

After thinking on these questions, we will:

1.     Set up a time to talk by phone or in person in my studio. I will share some ideas and incorporate any feedback you might have. 

2.    If we think this is a good fit, we will agree on the essential elements: what the project will include, a timeline, and payment schedule that works for you. I typically ask for half of the commission up front and I’ll get started.

3.    Depending on the project, we may agree to review an initial sketch or an opportunity to provide feedback or a round of changes while the work is in progress. Some people like a chance to see the work as it’s being created, others would rather fall in love once it’s finished. This is up to you! I finish up the piece and you get your one-of-a-kind work of art.

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Add an amount or range - this is just to get a sense of what you're envisioning. We will decide a final amount and discuss any possible payment plans and methods before moving forward.
7. If you were to agree to this project, when would you like to get started?
7. If you were to agree to this project, when would you like to get started?